Dedicated to Business Communications

Benefit from all the features of a telephone system without the need to purchase any equipment!

Hosted Telephony with EMMEX

EMMEX is our fully-managed, cloud-based, hosted Voice over IP (VOIP) service. It offers all the features and benefits that a telephone system gives, without the need to have on-site hardware installed. This enables organisations to work more efficiently. It is the ideal solution for companies where the cost of a telephone system can be prohibitive or where multi-site functionality and flexibility are required.


  • Flexibility (extensions/features can be changed very easily)
  • User has more control than a conventional system
  • Multi-site; it can link any person or any site, anywhere in the World.
  • No on-going maintenance costs
  • No future equipment costs (other than the replacement of handsets)
  • Changes can be made to the system without engineer visits
  • Pay only for the services you require on the extensions you require


Every EMMEX line automatically comes with the following features:

Auto-attendant, Automatic hold, Barge-in, Busy lamp field, Call forwarding, Call park, Call pick-up, Call transfer, Call waiting, Do not disturb, Hunt group, Last number redial, Music on hold, Speed dial, Three-way calling, Voice mail and many more features.

Additional Features

In addition to the standard features, others are available with EMMEX, some of which were traditionally only available on very expensive telephone systems.


Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) allows for integration with your database so, if an incoming call displays the telephone number corresponding with your database, the appropriate customer record can be displayed, giving you full CRM integration.

Soft Client

Allows for non-system phones (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops) to become extensions of the system with their own dedicated system line.

Call Recording

Means incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded. Recording calls is becoming a legal requirement for many business sectors and is increasingly important for many others.

Call Reporting

Allows you to see all incoming and outgoing calls for each extension. A range of statistic information, represented in graphs, allows you to analyse these calls. This can help with staff productivity and improving customer service experience.