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If you find the maze of mobile handsets and tariffs confusing, we can help you to identify and simplify the choices and find the network and tariff that is most suited for your business.

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SIM-only tariffs

As many consumer programmes and magazines have identified, mobile tariffs offering free equipment usually end up costing the end-user a lot more. This is because they have to commit to a long-term expensive agreement with no flexibility. This can make it particularly expensive if you no longer need connections. Equally adding new connections to a package can increase the overall commitment. Consumers can end up paying for their so-called ‘free’ handsets several times over.

Our SIM only tariffs are low cost and very simple to understand. Simply choose the number of minutes and texts you require along with your data requirements. Businesses who use EMtel for both mobile and fixed line automatically qualify for a lower price.”

New – Shared Data Packages

Buying individual data packages for each user can be costly as each month their data usage can fluctuate and all too often only a fraction of the free data available is used.

Purchasing shared data packages alleviates much of this problem as data fluctuations across handsets are balanced out, meaning there is far less un-used data.

Handset Rentals – Coming soon

Despite the advantages of SIM-only tariffs, they do leave the customer with the problem of having to purchase expensive equipment. We now have a solution.

Our mobile customers can lease a handset on an entirely separate contract, meaning they can spread the cost without having to lock their SIM cards into a contract.