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Incoming Call Management

Effective incoming call management is the simple process of ensuring every incoming call gets through to the appropriate person or department as simply and quickly as possible. We achieve this by effectively utilising services like effective number management, auto-attendant, regional-based routing, time of day routing, follow me and call queuing with a message on hold. We build flexibility into any system to complement the flexibility of an organisation’s workforce
Incoming call management can be created using telephone systems, advanced platforms on non-geographic numbers, IP solutions, or a mixture of the above.

Call Recording

Call Recording is now an essential (sometimes legal) requirement for many organisations. Call recording can either be incorporated into a telephone system or it can be provided as a network level for customers using our hosted service.

Call Reporting

Our call reporting tools allow you to analyse both incoming and outgoing calls. As such, they are exceptionally useful for call management. Incoming call statistics include the number of answered calls, number of abandoned calls and time taken to answer. This data can be analysed to determine if the incoming call flow could be improved. Outbound calls are also monitored, which is a very useful tool in monitoring abuse such as excessive time spent by staff making personal calls, or calls to premium-rate numbers.

Non-geographic telephone numbers

0800 / 0300 – If increasing telephone sales enquiries or offering customer service by phone is crucial for your business, then these numbers allow you to offer free or low-cost calls to the people who matter.

0845 / 0844 – These numbers charge callers a mid-range rate. There is no call charge to your business and a large volume of calls on these numbers may entitle you to a share of the revenue.

0871 / Premium – As these numbers cost more to call (10ppm upwards) the money generated from revenue share can be advantageous. Premium numbers are subject to Phonepay plus and Ofcom regulations.

Call Conferencing

Call conferencing is a great way to be able to share information without having to spend time and money travelling. If you want a conference call every day for 50 team members or an ad-hoc teleconference call for just a handful of people, we have an option to help you. Our shared teleconferencing room can be easily booked and costs EMtel customers just that of calling the 0845 number.

Fax to e-mail

Faxing may seem old technology, but most organisations still use it. If that seems mad, consider the problems associated with a few junk faxes compared to receiving numerous virus-carrying spam e-mails; you soon realise faxing has its place. That’s why some organisations now insist on the fax.

Our fax to e-mail service allows you to:

  • Send and receive faxes
  • Save money on equipment and fax line rental
  • Help prevent viruses from damaging your PCs
  • Forward faxes to relevant people
  • Save resources by printing only the faxes you need printing