Dedicated to Business Communications

We can supply and service a range of telephone systems at many price points to match the needs of your business. Our experience means we also advise you on any needs to support your future growth.

Telephone Systems

The right telephone system for your business

Too many businesses are working with a telephone system that doesn’t meet their needs. It might be out of date and need upgrading – or it might be more complex and more costly than they will ever need. Our approach is to scope the right telephone system for you.

We supply standard NEC and Panasonic digital telephone systems because we know they provide a consistent level of quality our clients ask for. We also supply server-based Yeastar IP systems. These are competitively priced, feature-rich, flexible systems. We work with our network of partners across the UK to provide local system support and maintenance.

Telephone System Benefits

  • Often has a lower monthly cost once the equipment has been purchased
  • Can utilise a combination of standard fixed lines for reliability and VOIP lines for a lower cost
  • In many scenarios, the cost can be lower than an equivalent Hosted Voice Solution

Other Equipment

We supply various makes of handsets, headsets, routers and power supplies. Customers are not obliged to use our equipment, but the main advantage of doing is that we are obliged to ensure our equipment works over our network. Our equipment is also delivered pre-configured so won’t need reprogramming. Our Broadband will work with virtually any type of router and our VoIP lines will work with virtually any type of handset. However, we recommend Draytech routers and Yealink handsets. Not only are they more reliable; they are the best for allowing remote access, meaning we can resolve any problems or make any required adjustments far quicker.