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EMMEX – A brave step into the future – Martin and Co. Bury St Edmunds / Newmarket

Martin and Co Bury St Edmunds had been a fixed-line customer for several years. When we initially approached them about upgrading to EMMEX (our hosted VOIP system) their MD, John Rushman, was understandably reluctant. He had heard numerous stories about businesses who had migrated to VOIP and had nothing but problems. We were only too aware of this – the initial VOIP systems were notoriously unreliable and had very poor call quality. For these reasons we were not early pioneers of VOIP, even though we were aware there were numerous advantages. Instead, we waited until the solutions had become more established. Despite this, when we installed our early VOIP solutions we were still nervous.

John Rushman did exactly the right thing; he kept Bury St Edmunds on traditional lines and trialled EMMEX at a new site he was opening in Newmarket. This site is managed by Steve Taylor. It would be great to say we installed the service at Newmarket and it was perfect from day one. Unfortunately, telecoms don’t always work like that and we did have a few teething problems. Happily, Steve Taylor was a VOIP enthusiast and he worked with us to get everything working properly.

After a few years of smooth running, John Rushman was happy to move his Bury St Edmunds site on to EMMEX. The VOIP market had moved forwards significantly during that time. New platforms were now available offering more functionality, generous call packages and better contingency. For these reasons we wanted the Bury St Edmunds site to be pioneers of our EMMEX 4 platform. As this was a new platform, we once again had a few issues to overcome in setting this up. A few weeks after the installation I visited Steve Taylor and asked him how things were going. The feedback was excellent. All the teething problems had been solved and the staff were loving the new functionality. The move from traditional lines to EMMEX had been a success.

“The really pleasing thing for us was the proactiveness of the whole of the “EMtel team” in working through the initial teething issues that we experienced in bringing both systems live. Telephones are the life blood of our service. EMtel were aware of the importance to us of the integration of EMMex and as such gave us a really excellent installation and responsive service”

Steve Taylor – Martin and Co Newmarket